We can develop responsive interface and high availability backend based on our experience with our products.

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What we offer?

Specialized in product development, we can help you to develop any part of your service: backend, frontend or just a quick proto we will find the right solution and increase your development capacity. We can do also the full integration regarding the size of your project.

Our experience

Developing an HA image database learned us how to develop robust backend and simple interface with a minimum of operations. We started to develop some solutions for clients wanting image recognition without any technical ressources to do it.

Our process

We do love continuous integration to provide a good and quick feedback to our client. We use Agile principles specially with Kanban or Scrum as you prefer. Jenkins and code reviews are our everyday and allow you to monitor and control your project.

Technical part

Specialized in Python and Django, we use them to develop our backend and frontend for which we choose Angular. Regarding operations we love to automize everything! To achieve that we mainly use Ansible and Docker. We can also host your project.

What we use

Recent Projects

OCBC - Projet Treima

Projet, Backend & Frontend


Image database application

Bee Music

Bot to index and recognize a cd database.

Flash Invader

Mobile game to search invaders in the city!