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    14 rue Violet
    75015 Paris, France

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    Phone : (33) 1 53 43 01 68

Our history

LTU Tech was founded in Paris in 1999 by a french team who created a technology based on academic research from MIT, Oxford & Inria. Initialy with government agencies and law enforcement as native market. The company has expanded its business to include media intelligence and mobile image recognition.

Inherits from Latin creativity and Japanese art of precision and quality!

Acquired by JASTEC Co in 2005, LTU Tech joined a group of companies specialized in Image Recognition via mobile in November 2017. Our ambition is now to develop our Platform performances on our native markets and confirm our leadership in the IR via Mobile. Our team of experts is now in position to bring answers and solutions to most of use cases of Image Recognition either in technical or in marketing environment.


All the following trademarks are registered by LTU Tech:

  • LTU
  • LTU Technologies
  • LTU Cloud
  • LTU Engine
  • LTU OnDemand