The leader of visual search

A pioneer of image recognition since 1999, formerly LTU Technologies.

Based on 18 years of experience, LTU Tech is a major actor in image recognition solution, offering the most robust, scalable and fastest visual search functionalities on the market today.

Image recognition

Here's some examples of what our algorithms can recognize

mobile pictures
3D Objects
Product packaging

Great Performance

Years of research and integration with large complex systems containing infinite number of images sets LTU Engine apart. Capable of indexing and searching millions of images in mere seconds

Complete Solution

LTU engine is the most robust, versatile and stable image recognition platform on the market

Easy to Manage

The LTU engine JSON API is highly adaptable. The LTU engine user interface makes it easy to setup, manage the image database and monitor the performance of the system. The UI includes image upload, image browser, usage analytics

Adapted price

LTU engine is available as licensed ON premise software or as an ON demand (or LTU Cloud) platform (SaaS), providing you with a choice depending on the complexity of your system, image volume and expected search activity. Since both options share very similar API it is very easy to switch between the two. For example, a company may opt to start with LTU engine/ON demand (or LTU Cloud) and as the system grows (database and query volume) move to an on premise license. Check our pricing plans.

Our Clients

About LTU Tech

Ltu Tech (formerly known as JASTEC France) joigned a group of companies specialised in Image Recognition via mobile in November 2017.